Access Dynamics AX (aka ‘7’) performance counters with “&debug=develop”.

The new Dynamics AX have some very powerful capabilities to show exactly where time is spent. You would like to explore more about what is happening behind the scene, try adding the “&debug=develop” to the URL. This will bring up a small timer that shows how much time was spent on opening and showing the current form.


If you click on it, it will give more performance details. Like if I open the all customers in the Contoso form, my system gives me the following.




I see here that the loading the customers took 366 ms, where 131 ms was from the AOS loading the data. You also see a color coding (green/blue) that indicates at what sequence the time was spent.

There is also a section to show what the server is doing, and it also shows you the exact SQL call that was the longest running SQL statement.

At the bottom of the performance screen we can also see something interesting;


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AX7 – Cloud estimation sheet

When working with new clients, I just love to show Life Cycle Services, and all the new tools and gadgets now available to us. Prices on licenses and Azure services are beginning to come into light, but there is one “unknown” factor. How much would it cost to in time to setup and implement all the tools and services?









I will not
give you the estimates, but I can give you the sequenced task list of what to do

 Area Sub Area Task
Life Cycle Services Installation Create LCS Site
Life Cycle Services Installation Add Users to LCS
Office 365 Installation Create Office 365 Azure AD
Office 365 Installation Create SharePoint Site
Visual Studio Online Installation Create VSO Site
Visual Studio Online Installation Add users to VSO
Customer source Installation Add users to Customer Source
Azure Installation Create Azure Account
Azure Installation Setup Administrators to Azure
Azure Installation Connect Azure subscription to CSP account
LCS Setup Create LCS Project
LCS Setup Connect Azure, VSO and SharePoint to LCS
LCS Setup Invite project users into LCS
LCS Setup Select and setup methodology in LCS
LCS Setup Infrastructure estimation tool in LCS
LCS Setup License sizing estimation tool in LCS
LCS Deploy Deploy Demo/CRP based on Contoso
LCS Deploy Deploy Development environments (per developer)
LCS Deploy Deploy VSO Build/Staging environment (One VM)
LCS Deploy Deploy Acceptance Test environments (2-3 VM’s)
LCS Deploy Deploy Production Environments (3-10 VM’s)
LCS Monitor Setup LCS System Diagnostics
Visual Studio Online Setup Setup VSO Projects and users rights
Visual Studio Online Setup Setup Process for nightly builds and automated test
Visual Studio Online Setup Define product backlog
Visual Studio Online Setup Define sprints
Office 365 Setup Setup Microsoft Power BI
LCS Setup Setup Configuration manger (Data Transfer)
Office 365 / LCS Setup Add ODM templates to be used in the project
AX 7 Setup Setup Data Entities for ODATA/Integrations
AX 7 Setup Basic parameters and generic setup


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AX RTW – Hack to enable configuration mode

When downloading the AX RTW local VM from connect, you often want to disable some configuration keys. (Like catch weight etc). But now you will see the following warning;

“This form is read-only unless the system is in the maintenance mode. Maintenance mode can be enabled in this environment by running maintenance job from LCS, or using Deployment.Setup tool locally”

This warning is to prevent that configurations are enables/disabled, and that the system is set in maintenance mode. There are 2 ways of dealing with this.

  1. The proper way; Use the Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe command; (Credits to Joris de Gruter)
    Run this from command line:

    c:\packages\bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe –metadatadir c:\packages –bindir c:\packages –sqlserver . –sqldatabase axdbrain –sqluser AOSUser –sqlpwd AOSWebSite@123 –setupmode maintenancemode –isinmaintenancemode true

    and then run the command with “false” at the end to turn if back off.

  2. The Hack way; Use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and edit the following record in the table dbo.SQLSystemvariables ; CONFIGURATIONMODE

After that, you can change configurations. But make sure you never
EVER do this in a production environment!


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Document Conversions Launcher issues on SharePoint 2013 SP1 with APP on WFE

Error: Not launching Document Conversions Launcher because registry key acknowledging service running on app server (‘AcknowledgedRunningOnAppServer’) is not set.

Solution: The new key is called “AcknowledgedRunningOnAppServer” and is of the DWORDtype. It must be set to 1 to enable the services to start. The paths on which the key must be set are as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\15\LauncherSettings
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\15\LoadBalancerSettingsSource


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Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0048021 in DMF AX 2012 R3

If you’re using Excel 2013 , the problem is caused by DMConfig XML file.

Go to the DMConfig.xml file in the Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\DataImportExportFramework  folder and replace the PipelineComponentInfo_Multicast, PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelSource and  <PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelDestination> nodes by the following:

< /PipelineComponentInfo_Multicast>
< PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelSource>
< /PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelSource>
< PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelDestination>
< /PipelineComponentInfo_ExcelDestination>


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[AX 2012 R3] Why is my Kernel build version not changing after installing CU-8 or the latest binary hotfix?

Ref Url:

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Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Installs and Service Packs Overview

Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP is a powerful Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that provides real-time financial reporting to help you achieve greater visibility across your organization. With Management Reporter 2012, you can expect:

  • More flexibility in designing your financial reports
  • Additional opportunity to collaborate with co-workers, auditors and others during the report design, distribution and viewing processes
  • An interactive report viewing experience to help you drive decisions from the report data that’s delivered to you
  • Deeper interoperability with your Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solution, including drilling back to the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP data

Ref Url:

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